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Gorgeous Lynx Point Young Adult

PacMan came to the rescue out of a San Antonio shelter. He was very thin and had some health issues. He earned his name from all the food he packed away when first arriving as a foster baby. He is now a very healthy and active young adult cat with a mellow personality. He has excellent litter box manners although he does need a high sided pan as he tends to be a digger and will scatter litter, especially the clumping kind. He will use any type of litter.

He is tame and social during normal household routines (hides when guests come over) but he is not a lap cat. He prefers to be with our other cats but frequently relaxes in the family area. We often find him perched on the back of the couch looking out the window or relaxing in his cat tree. Because PacMan is so cat friendly, he would make an excellent addition for someone looking to add a second (or more) cat to the household. He understands cat language very well and gets along with all the personalities in our multi-cat household.

He enjoys chasing things and is an excellent fly hunter. On the mornings we find him laying on our bed, he will spend time chasing our feet or hands under the bed covers. Catnip stuffed small toys are also a favorite of his. 

Unlike the majority of Siamese, PacMan is not a talkative cat. He is laid back and really goes with the flow of the household. Food, especially wet food, will always bring him running. He will snatch chicken and steak off unattended plates but does not usually get on the counters. 

He will need an owner who understands that he likely will never be a cuddler. He is very tolerant of being handled though and tolerates the 'indignity' of being human cuddled, having his nails trimmed etc. I don't feel he would do well as an only cat. Consideration would be given based on applicant's ownership experience and situation. I would love to talk more with you or arrange a meet and greet if you feel you can offer this special boy a furrever home. 

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If you have questions about PacMan please contact Austin Siamese Rescue


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Shelter Description

Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, formerly the Austin Branch of Texas Siamese Rescue. We focus on the 14 breeds of the Royal Thai Family, including Siamese, Balinese, Javanese, Oriental Shorthairs and Longhairs, Birmans, Burmese, Himalayans, Ocicats, Ragdolls, Snowshoes, and Tonkinese. All of the cats fostered in Austin are cared for in private homes by individuals who dedicate their spare time to this effort.

Our cats come from a variety of backgrounds. Some faced death at the shelter, while others came from abusive and neglectful households. Still others were treasured companions of guardians who could no longer care for them. What they all have in common is a need for a forever home, where they can live their lives as the happy, pampered cats they all deserve to be. We're looking for the perfect inside home for them!

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Areas Served

Austin and the Central Texas area

Adoption Instructions

Interested adopters go through a careful screening process to include reference checks, telephone interviews, and where appropriate, home visits. No cat will be placed in a new home which allows cats to go outside. The adoptive owners agree to give Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc. the option of reclaiming the cat, should the adoption not work to the advantage of the new owner and the cat.

Adoption fees for Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc. range from $100 to $175 and include such vet work as combo test, vaccinations, worming and flea control, and microchip. We spay or neuter all of our cats prior to placement and most of our kittens, depending on their size and readiness.

For more detailed information and our adoption policies, see the Adoption Info section of our web page.

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